The Central Committee of AIBRF will meet at Lonawala ( Near Mumbai) from 24th September,2018 to 26th September, 2018.


  • Address by the Chairman and President
  • Confirmation of the minutes of last central committee meeting held at Ujjain on 7th & 8th October,2018
  • General Secretary Report on pending issues and organisational matters- Discussions and Decisions
  • Niranjan Mishra Committee Report on proposed constitutional Amendments
  • Any other matter with the permission of the chair

As per the decision taken in Office Bearers’ Meeting  held in Vijayawada, dates of next National Conference ( Delegate Session ) of AIBRF have been finalised. It will be held in Delhi from 1st March to 3rd March, 2019. The inaugural sesssssion will be held on 1st March 2019 at Talkatora Indoor stadium and the delegate session will be conducted  on 2nd and 3rd March 2019 at  Constitution Club of India Rafi Marg New Delhi.

Circular 004/2018 dated 11.09.2018

Proceedings of CBPRO & AIBRF Meeting at Delhi on 08.09.2018

The Leaders of CBPRO and AIBRF met at Delhi on 8th September, 2O18 to discuss further course of actions in regard to all Pending issues of Bank Pensioners and Retirees.

At the outset CoAcharya,Acharya , Joint Convener CBPRO welcomed the Leaders of CBPRO and AIBRF to the Meeting pointing out that the Coordination has been working well right from inception evoking hopes and enthusiasm among the Bank Pensioners and Retirees. He also stated that the leadership of both the Organisations have decided to work in unison and speak in one voice to achieve the goal for which the Co-ordination was formed.

After that the Leaders assembled, discussed the issues at length giving their valuable views and suggestions underlining the spirit of Coordination vis-a-vis Bank Pensioners and Retirees expectations and aspirations.

Com.SC Jain General Secretary AIBRF initiated the discussion. Shri Jain also expressed the view that after the formation of the Co-ordination quite a few communications, joint memorandums and circulars were issued by the CBPRO & AIBRF jointly highlighting the issues of the Retirees. He also expressed confidence that the coordination will continue to work espousing the cause of the Retirees.

This was followed by suggestions & observations from Com PK Pathak, Federation of SBI Pensioners Associations, Com .Suprita Sarkar of AIBPARC, Com. S M Deshpande of AIBRF, Com Subhash Ahuja of RBONC and Com J D Sharma of AIBPARC. The same were echoed by Com. RC Goel of FORBE.

The issues discussed and decisions taken in the Meeting are as under.-

1. IBA Medical Insurance Scheme : Immediately going by the urgency of the issue concerning highly unreasonable and exorbitant premium proposed by the Insurance company all out effort is needed to get a thorough Review of the same and suggestions contained in our letter to UFBU should be accepted by IBA, Bank Managements and Insurance Company. It was decided that we should wait and watch for the outcome of the Meeting between IBA Committee and UIIC slated for 10th September 2O18. Everybody felt that Union Bank of India should not have rushed through their circular regarding the Premium to be paid by the Retirees without even waiting for the final outcome of the Meeting demonstrating Union Bank’s insensitivity on such an emotive issue of Medical Care of their elders. It is decided that while effort should be made to retain IBA Medical Insurance Scheme with reasonable and affordable premium, the IBA also should honor the Medical Insurance Scheme which was part of the last Bipartite Settlement. The IBA also should not give an impression that they are planning to get the IBA Medical Insurance Scheme become defunct by allowing the Insurance Company to hike the premium exorbitantly and forcing the Bank Pensioners and Retirees to opt out of the scheme negating the provision of the last Bipartite Settlement in respect of the Medical Insurance. This is also against the spirit of the communication sent by the Dept of Financial Services, Government of India.

Charging a premium of Rs 56000/- for a domiciliary treatment with the reimbursement entitlement of Rs 40000/- only coupled with the reduction of Base Policy value of Rs 4.00 lacs to Rs 3.60 lacs defies all logic and arithmetical intelligence and rationality. This is also in contravention of IRDA guidelines. However, in the meeting, it is decided that we should wait for the outcome of the meeting between IBA and UIIC scheduled for 10th Sept 2018. A suitable response by the coordination will be worked out once the final position emerges on the Medical Insurance Scheme.

Now it is understood that in the meeting that took place on the 10th Sept, 2018 suggestions jointly given by CBPRO & AIBRF were also discussed. Further meeting on Medical Insurance will take place on 14th Sept, 2018 and we are hopeful that UFBU will further take up the issue of premium and Medical Insurance Scheme.

2. It is also decided that Family Pension being another very emotive issue a full-scale thrust should be given to clinch the same as early as possible by giving high-level publicity at every forum and approach every authority including political parties.

3. On Updation of Pension, DA neutralization, Pension to Resignees, Effective Date in respect of Implementation of Enhancement of Gratuity amount , Reckoning of Special Allowance for Terminal Benefits retrospectively from November 2012(10th Bipartite Settlement), and Uniform Implementation of IBA communications in respect of benefits and other pending matters should be pursued still more vigorously, if necessary even by launching agitations simultaneously supporting legal battles which are in the final stages of disposal.

It is also decided that the Joint Conveners of CBPRO Com A Ramesh Babu and Com K V Acharya and Com. SC Jain General Secretary AIBRF will together take decisions in respect of any further course of actions as and when required necessary.

It is also decided that periodical Meetings between UFBU and Our Coordination will be necessary where all issues concerning Pensioners and Retirees are discussed fully, information regarding issues shared mutually supporting our CAUSE. A suitable joint letter will be sent to UFBU leaders in this regard.

The Meeting ended on a note of confidence with Reassertion of UNITY and a Determined Approach to achieve the hitherto Denied Rights of Bank Pensioners and Retirees and get JUSTICE.

Com Suresh Sharma of AIBRF proposed the vote of thanks.

Letter dated 13.09.2018 addressed to Com. Sanjeev K Bandlish Convener, UFBU
Pending Issues of Retirees
We are happy to learn that UFBU has taken our suggestions communicated to you vide our letter dated 23.08.2018 on Medical Insurance Scheme for Bank Retirees in right earnest and have advanced the same to IBA in your last meeting. We are confident that initiative taken by UFBU in this regard shall bear fruits. We are also looking with a sense of optimism that the meeting of HR GM’s constituted by IBA with the Senior Officials of UIIC at Chennai shall lead to significant reduction in the amount of Insurance Premium so as to make it reasonable and affordable. However it would be our natural expectation that the premium amount is borne by respective Banks for the following reasons:

1. Free Medical Insurance facility is provided to the Serving Employees and Officers

2. Unlimited Medical reimbursement facility is provided to the Retired EDs/MDs/CMDs of the Banks for self and spouse

3. Banks’ Retired Employees and Officers alone have been denied of Free Medical Insurance/Reimbursement facility for self and spouse as extended to Serving Employees and Retired Eds, Mds and CMDs despite the fact that the communication dated 24.02.2012 from DFS did not direct the Banks or IBA to resort to any such discrimination between Serving and Retired Employees with regard to payment of premium while evolving NEW MEDICAL INSURANCE SCHEME.

You will appreciate that the Bank Retirees have made significant contributions for the growth of Banking System in India and hence deserved a fair treatment with regard to their post-retiral benefits including good health care in the evening of their life. We have therefore been persistently requesting the leaders of UFBU to pursue the pending issues of Bank Pensioners and Retirees with IBA/Government and help resolve the same in an amicable manner. We are confident that the combined efforts shall lead to success and provide succour.

As you are aware CBPRO & AIBRF have forged a broader coordination to take up the pending issues of Bank Pensioners and Retirees. In pursuance thereof, we had a joint meeting of the leaders of the constituents of CBPRO and the leaders of AIBRF at Delhi on 08.09.2018. The following issues were discussed in the meeting:

i. Medical Insurance Scheme to be made affordable
ii. 100% DA case
iii. Updation of Pension
iv. Improvement in Family Pension as available in Government and RBI
v. Reckoning of Special Allowance for the purpose of Terminal Benefits viz Pension and Gratuity from the original date of its introduction through 10th Bipartite Settlement/Joint Note
vi. Pension option to Resignees who had put in minimum qualifying service.

After deliberations on the issues, the leaders expressed their view that the Joint Coordination of CBPRO & AIBRF should have periodical meetings with UFBU and there should be mutual sharing of information between UFBU and the Joint Coordination of Retirees in respect of the pending issues so as to enhance the efficacy of the efforts for resolving the issues. We therefore request you to facilitate such meetings. The leaders of our Joint Coordination are prepared to participate in such meetings at the venue convenient to UFBU.
We understand that the next meeting between UFBU and IBA is scheduled for 14th September 2018 at 3 pm and the issue of Medical Insurance Premium for Retirees policy shall be a priority item for discussion. Since the due date for renewal of the Policy is fast approaching we once again request you to convince IBA to ensure reduction in the premium to make it affordable by advising the Banks to absorb the same and or subsidise adequately.
We look forward for a favourable outcome.

Circular 005/2018 dated: 14.09.2018

IBA-UFBU Meeting Regarding Medical Insurance Scheme

The said Meeting took place today I.e.14th September 2O18 as scheduled.

We are informed that IBA apprised UFBU Leaders about their Committee’s Meeting with UIIC on 10th September 2O18. After discussion it was decided to continue the Medical Insurance Scheme with suitable changes where ever possible. Later on UFBU met and decided to give their firm proposals in respect of Medical Insurance Scheme making it as affordable as possible.

We are constantly and continuously pursuing the matter with concerned Organisations and Authorities and hopeful of some favourable developments.

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